Thursday, May 13, 2010


Still working through the basic beginner level.  As such I'm keeping the program and lifts overly simple and today was no exception.  Basic strength stuff, squat something, press something, pull something.  The more muscles involved the better. 

Warm Up:
Pull up
Push up
Sit up
Glute-Ham Raise
Front Squat - 4x @ 215 (35kg + 7.5#)
6x @ 75#
Rest 3 min
4 Rounds
Push Press
4x @ 160 (25kg + 2.5#)
6x @ 55#
Rest 4'
4 Rounds
4x @ 330 (65kg)
8x @ 112 (15kg)
Rest 5'
4 Rounds

I was surprised to see that I could make these lifts this week.  I was expecting something a little different since I have not been sleeping well and have been coaching almost every single class at they gym.  I'm starting to get too scattered in thought and action.  Not good.

I have good stretch here of consistent workouts and no injuries, I hope I can string it together for 1 full year.  I think I might be a pretty good competitor locally in this stuff if I can.  That's something fun to think about. 

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